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Star Blitz X is a 3d first person shooter that’s homage of the 1980's and 1990's arcade light shooter genre like Duck Hunt, Time Crisis and House of The Dead. It uses the same game mechanic of applying a defense tactic to position, point and shoot from those past games.

You control the space defense satellite called the Star Hammer. The objective is on a time limit of one minute to protect the earth from incoming asteroids, missiles and laser-shape objects that are are launched by the Gargon’s space invasion. As you advance a level the more the asteroids, missiles and laser-shape objects' speed and appearance on screen.  But watch out, because with ten hits from the asteroid, missile or laser-shape object on the planet and its game over.


The year is 211X A.D. and Earth is invaded by an alien race called the Gargon of the Andromeda galaxy. Their purpose is to save the universe from an unknown event from the legendary "The Omega Black Hole" that arise for every 1000 years. It is said that will consume a solar system and continue to grow larger until at least two galaxies are engulfed before it disappear for another 1000 years. The Gargon where believed of having the technology of preventing the event. But the price for each citizen of the world must be pledged to be assimilated within the Gargon's empire for salvation. Just as Earth is the next target the scientist learns the truth of the Gargon are exploiting a false event to further their enterprise into conquering other worlds. Met with resisted as the Gargon created a ring of asteroids to surround the planet, and launch asteroids, missiles and laser-shape objects at the Earth. As the planet faces its darkest hour. The United World Space Defense activate the deflector shield to protect the Earth, however little did the U.W.S.D. knew that the Gargon set a trap within the asteroids and missiles to counter and penetrate the shield. Realize that the shield was not enough the U.W.S.D. depot the defense satellite called the Star Hammer to Counter the Gargon's threat.

Game Play / Features

The Game is in the beta stage of the demo that comes with high octane action of  20 levels and the bonus round. The difficulty level of the game play becomes engaging with 30 seconds is added to the time limit for level 6, 12 and 18. When reaching the bonus round, it switches to a 2d fix shooter that is similar to the arcade game Galaga as you take in a parade of Gargon’s spaceship. 

The demo features:

  • 6 unique asteroids when shot at, can either split up into two or four small asteroids, or release an unexpected trap.
  • Encounter with three enemies that are designed in vector art which were inspired by the 1980s arcade era.
  • High score tracking.
  • Three selectable radio station with soundtrack style.
  • Test your hit-miss ratio results for the hit accuracy to improve your skills of precise aim and quick reflex. 
  • A very rare but powerful item called the eradicator star found within the golden asteroid, with one shot and it will destroy any incoming asteroid or missile onscreen.
  • Single player focused.  
  • Multiple difficulty settings and controller choice. 
  • Highly responsive rotating camera, with a 360 degree clockwise and counterclockwise turns to gain a positional advantage of a moving target. 

Once the full version is available it will include 50 levels, two bonus rounds, time limit of 30 seconds added for every 6th level, more variety of asteroids and laser-shape objects a nonlinear gameplay of two ending sequences.

System Requirement as suggested by Unity:

Windows 8 or later.
Graphics card with NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or better graphics card.
CPU: Intel Core i3-6300 3.8GHz / AMD FX-4350 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Processor.

Feedback / Suggestion

What we are looking for any improvement to enhance the gaming experience that is challenging, but engaging. It could be like adding more enemies, position of asteroids or etc. But do keep the suggestions simple because the game is more of an arcade genre.  Leave  your feedback or suggestions on the comment section. Until then we cannot wait for your response and thank you.

The game  is solely available for the 64-bit version of the PC, but will be available for mobile soon. 

Tip: The game can be played with any controller with a USB cord to connect with a PC to get a better control experience.


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